Kitten of Troy

My friend Brigitte and I saw KEANU at the multiplex at the Boston Common tonight. It’s Wednesday, a great night to go to the movies, plus it’s raining cats and dogs. The trailers were more horrible than usual, but in focus (strangely not always the case with DCP), and the small audience stayed pretty quiet after the movie started.

Brigitte and I had high hopes. I mean, watch the trailer! I ask you, why has it taken this long for a movie about a beloved kitten to hit the big screens? They rule the small screens, after all.


When I’m watching a movie and a dog turns up, I sigh and say to myself, “That poor dog’s days are numbered.” Too often in films, dogs are used as an emotional plot device to give the main character some heart once we see how he reacts to the death of the dog. It’s a tired trick, and I get mad when it’s used. However, the entire time we were watching this film, we had no qualms that Keanu the kitten would meet an untimely end. It freed my mind up to relax and just enjoy the antics.

Key and Peele, who have their own TV skit comedy show that is pretty funny, portray a couple of charmingly goofy black cousins who get caught up with some gangsters when Keanu the kitten gets stolen. Recently, local news imitated art, also with a happy ending.

I found the film pretty funny. It has some nice movie references for us film geeks, as one of the characters is one of us, one of us. The production values are high enough, and there is a lot of George Michael on the soundtrack. Method Man is a good bad guy, and although there is not enough kitten screen time, there is a lot to laugh at. Some scenes run a little long, but the film is only 100 minutes, which is only 10 minutes longer than the perfect movie length. Not enough female characters, of course, but the guys aren’t misogynists, and there is a kitten, so I won’t dwell. Some good extra stuff over the closing credits, so don’t walk out early. Overall, we weren’t disappointed, even though my expectations were pretty high….

Read here about the kitten actors!


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