Crazy man, crazy

We went to Amsterdam recently to see the Hieronymus Bosch show. We figured as long as we were there, we should see some more art. There’s a lot around, after all. I’d been to the city 15 or so years ago, but had skipped the Van Gogh museum because it was too crowded and I’m not a huge fan anyway. I mean he’s good, but it didn’t make my list of things to do.

Slava wanted to go this time, and I was game, so we went. We expected crowds, so we went in the morning and didn’t have to wait in line, but it was pretty full nonetheless.

It’s been renovated since I was last there, & a large section added, but people still were waiting outside to buy tickets when we left. I thought the addition was made to avoid that, but apparently it was only for the ticket holders, strangely. It rains a lot in Amsterdam.

It was nice to see so much of his art, and a bit of that of his contemporaries, in one place. It was not nice, however, to deal with all the people who were taking pictures of everything and making it impossible to get close to certain famous pictures.

The museum is 3 levels, and since we were there soon after it opened, Slava had the brilliant idea to start at the top to avoid the crowds.  It’s set up chronologically, so what I consider the best stuff is not on the first floor anyway, which was hyper crowded, since most people started there.  I was (of course) interested to see and read about the asylum period, and that was 3rd floor material.

There is a special exhibits hall, which I checked out after the main event. Since it wasn’t straight Van Gogh, it was relaxingly sparsely attended, which was great. I was surprised, though – it was a show about prostitution in 19th century Paris! Usually sex sells…. Anywho, there were a few Van Goghs among the Toulouse-Lautrecs, Degas, and Picassos, as well as a wall of photographs of performers. My fave Van Gogh is below (use the negative magnifying glass to see the whole thing in this link). I was pleasantly surprised to find a postcard of this lovely painting in the gift shop – usually they only print the popular dreck.


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