Sweetie, darling,

It has been too long!  It’s not that I’ve had nothing to kvetch about, it’s just that sometimes after a day at work, during which I spend a lot of time staring at the computer, I just don’t want to stare at the computer anymore. I should write this on a typewriter or with a pencil and type it into the internets later, clearly.

Firstly, I meant to see the new Michel Gondry this week, MICROBE AND GASOLINE (2015), but I just couldn’t face another male coming of age movie. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love teen movies, but sometimes the lack of a female protagonist is just too depressing. See previous post.

Anywho, two decent lady movies this week.  GHOSTBUSTERS and ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.

Can you believe the trolly nonsense that has surrounded the new GHOSTBUSTERS (Paul Feig, 2016)? Many men are all pissed off that the goofy lads have been replaced by goofy ladies. Honestly, people, get a grip! This bullshit around Leslie Jones has been THE WORST. PS she has the same name as a great (male) news photographer from Boston.  PPS Paul Feig is a real mensch.  He has such a decent opinion of women, and has directed or produced some great female-centric or at least female-positive TV and movies, such as FREAKS AND GEEKS, THE HEAT (OK, I’m biased because they filmed a scene at the end of my street) SPY, and NURSE JACKIE. Gad, why do I even have to note that this male director loves and respects the ladies and it shows?

So I went to see GHOSTBUSTERS at the Boston Common on a hot evening last week. Ran into a gal I know, and sat with her and her friend. The show sold out – on a Tuesday night! The audience was decent for the most part, although I did have to throw a pretzel at someone who took out her large ‘phone in the middle of the movie. I nailed her right on the noggin, but she didn’t put the ‘phone away until some other lady yelled at her.  SO AGGRAVATING!

GHOSTBUSTERS was partly shot in Boston, which is always fun for me, and there’s a celebratory scene shot in a fave ancient restaurant, Jacob Wirth’s, which is just around the corner from the Common.  Check it out next time you’re in town. I think Melissa McCarthy is a laff riot and Kate McKinnon floored me as Egon. So weird and hilarious, plus CRAZY EYES which I find very appealing. Super fashion sense and I kept thinking she was about to make out with Kristin Wiig, which was also great.


Do I need to tell you how important it is to have a heroic comedic adventure that is all about the ladies? If so, I’m sorry to hear that. Women are 50% of the populace, and everyone came out of one of us, so why aren’t we onscreen stars 50% of the time? Sigh.

It was funny, and it was nice to see a movie that knows what a cameo is. I was laughing a lot, and the cast got applause from the audience at the end, with especial clapping for Jones. There were a bunch of kids there, like maybe a Boy Scout troupe or something. Happy to see them!


Zannah was in town and wanted to see the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS movie, which was on my list.

I knew it wouldn’t be great, but how bad could it be? It was so nice to see those ladies again, and it was no worse than a long episode of the TV show. We were obsessed with the show when it came out in 1992 – right after I graduated from high school. There weren’t many shows out at the time about female friendship, and there still aren’t!


The movie follows the usual formula: Edina and Patsy drink a lot and are fashionable, have no money, get into trouble, Bubble wears amazing outfits has some kind of communication problem, antics ensue, Edina is tricked into telling Saffy she loves her, and then they are OK.

Bubble is incredible, as ever, and much of the original cast show up for at least a minute. There are a lot of fashion peeps I didn’t recognize, but you probably will. Watch this episode, one of my faves, before you see the movie, which maybe would benefit from a laugh track or a packed house. Don’t question me.






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