PANDEMIC! Blog from a Plague Year part 2

My husband has been walking around the house and yard yelling PANDEMIC! for two weeks. It’s pretty funny.

We live in the Berkshires (far western Massachusetts). Two weeks ago, New Yorkers started arriving, escaping to their country homes. It didn’t take long for the community FaceBox page to get up in arms. The villagers have lit their torches and are ready to chase the “outsiders” out. Even though they would do the same thing if they could, even though these NYers are a big part of our rural economy, even though these rich peeps are just people…. But there aren’t many stores open for them to spread their wealth, and they just hang out at the grocery store, not wearing masks, not social distancing, spreading their New York Cornova Virus…. Yesterday our Governor told them they have to self-quarantine for 14 days, but nobody is enforcing this, so, meh.

I’m having trouble getting my lovely husband to accept that this is a real emergency. He wants to get together with friends. I say no. He wanted to have someone over today, I said no. He was like, How long is this going to last. I DON’T KNOW! We’re used to going to the grocery store almost every day because we constantly eat fresh food. I’m having trouble convincing him this is no longer something we do. He doesn’t really listen to me, but when he goes out and can’t touch anything at the hardware store, or when they won’t let him into the construction place, he takes it more seriously. We’ve had the same discussion about ten times already. It’s getting frustrating!

I never used to be into Facetime or whatever. Now it is great. Try it!

I get something done every day, but not as much as I should. I’m frankly feeling pretty demoralized and not at all motivated.

At the same time, I’m kind of enjoying the weirdness of these times. The economy has ground to a halt! This is what it’s like without capitalism, sort of. But our government is constantly making the wrong decision about how to move forward, unsurprisingly.

Tensions are high in town. I haven’t been out in public all week, but I had to go to the dump today. Tensions were high, but at least my trash isn’t taking up garage space anymore. MEH.

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