At least the weather is kind of improving. SORT OF. Good timing since it’s the beginning of gardening season up here in the Northeast. I have nothing else to do but start some seeds inside and plant stuff but am I doing that? No. Sleeping in, puttering around, watching TV, cooking, and going to bed are taking precedence. Naturally.

Did I mention it’s snowed a few times this week? And it’s mid-April? Plus it hailed the other day. And it’s cold and miserable and we are supposed to be IN FRANCE RIGHT NOW but for this dumb PANDEMIC. Did I mention the airlines got bailed out but we didn’t get a refund? THANKS OBAMA

I did manage to make some new raised garden beds, which is a big deal for me. I did it on the cheap (free, actually) with composed cow poop from a friend and downed limbs from the yard. Plus a buncha seeds I failed to plant before. I should be starting them inside, but as usual, I’m not. But I could. But I probably won’t. WE SHALL SEE.

Gas is cheap right now, not that we have anywhere to go. Slava wants to go on a road trip because it’s not like we have anything else to do. Plus we’re supposed to be on vacation right now anyway (FRANCE, REMEMBER?). And we’re not working. Oh and did I mention gas is cheap. And there’s not much traffic. Also, I took a trip to FLA back in Rocktober and Slava may have been jealous. #thinkingaboutit But the national parks we want to visit are closed. But also, the skies are clearer and darker than usual due to lack of pollution, so maybe we don’t really need national parks….the more I write about it the better it sounds. What else do we have going on?

My very favorite news story of the moment is the new CANNONBALL RUN RECORD!!!! So if we do drive, I’m going to have some kind of GO CANNONBALL sign in the window or something.

Slava wants to drive one of our vintage MG convertibles, but I want to drive the more practical diesel vw, since it gets better mileage and has more space for the tent and stuff. How lame am I?

Please chime in. Anything could happen.

Join us!?

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