PANDEMIC! Journal from a plague year, part 5


So how are you enjoying YOUR Cornavirus? Yeah, it sucks. Out here in the country it was OK for a week or two because it was just weird and different. And I didn’t really have much of a job, so….. but now it’s been more than a month and I REALLY MISS THE THRIFT STORES and GROCERY SHOPPING HAS BECOME SUPER WEIRD and being around people is FUCKING TERRIBLE! I mean, I had to do some very normal grocery shopping today; I went to the co-op, where I don’t usually go, because I needed some weird hippie food, and I COULD NOT TAKE IT. Too many people, not enough masking, too much weird co-op hippie camaraderie….Then I tried to go to our usual grocery but the parking lot was packed so I just drove on by.

Even watching TV is weird because people are FAR TOO CLOSE TOGETHER and NOBODY IS WEARING MASKS. I mean, don’t they watch the news? Seriously! PAY ATTENTION!

Today I managed to get up at a reasonable time, but I only got two or three things done. And one of them was watching TV. Another was washing the dishes. Third is not important.

This past Friday was a big day. (What day is it now? No, I mean it. What day is it?) Anyway, I think it was Friday and I got up before 9 and we went to our horseback riding lessons. We are able to stay far apart from our instructor, and it’s our only weekly scheduled program. Not to mention it’s good to have a reason to get out of bed before 10……because otherwise I don’t. 😐 It’s good to have an anchor to the week.

We stopped to pick up lunch at the Bistro Box, a popular roadside burger window in Great Barrington. It just opened for the season. Slava called in our order, and while we were waiting in the car, a thunderstorm started and it hailed! Last year at this time, we were in Ireland. Our first day there it also hailed. I guess that’s April for you. I feel like I spent my entire childhood waiting for it to hail, and it never did. Or if it did, I never knew it.

We got home and my disciplined and motivated husband went to work on some jewelry. I spent the afternoon on the sofa with the cats finishing season 8 of American Horror Story, which was enjoyable, but chock full of plot holes. Then I washed the dishes. I also cleaned the cat boxes about 6 times. I let the chickens out to run around. It continued raining and being generally miserable outside.

I forget what else happened – probably lots of interesting and productive things. Right?

Next day I got up late (as usual, I’m afraid). It was snowing out! Slava said, IT’S SNOWING! I said GROSS! Slava thought it was hail but I disagreed. I say it was GRAUPEL. Slava said IT’S GROSS! IT’S SO GROSS! IT’S TERRIBLY GROSS! IT’S TERRI GROSS! (I have the greatest husband, PS.)

I had tea with the cats and read “the paper” on the ‘phone. Slava went someplace to do something useful. I washed the dishes. Slava came back and I took the trash to the dump, mailed some stuff, picked up some bubbly at the liquor store. I wore a mask and gloves. At the LQ (known here in Massachusetts as a PACKIE, short for Package Store), 50% of the employees were wearing masks. My girl Audrey was wearing a harem-style mask which I was pretty into. (Note to self, make a cool mask.)

I took a dozen eggs from the chickens (that’s two days worth of eggs). They were not happy about it. I wanted to make deviled eggs, but hard boiling fresh eggs properly is impossible. And I mean FRESH. So I made egg salad, possibly for the first time ever. It was good! Miss Honey tried to eat it.

Andy and Zazie and I did our Instagram show. We’ll probably do it again on Sunday.

Then I had an egg salad sandwich for dinner. And did the dishes again. I did some laundry too because mostly all I do dishes and laundry. Not dishes as much as I should tho.

Found a gross engorged tick on Chance – removed and flushed it. GROSS. TERRI GROSS!! You do not know how gross. TICKS ARE DISGUSTING. This is why we don’t let the cats out. Plus hawks and foxes and coyotes and whatnot.

Then I had an online party with my old roommates, which was super funny. Now it’s nearly bedtime.

Life is so hectic these days!

So what have you guys been up to?

Sorry for the lack of pix….

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