PANDEMIC! Blog from a plague year, part 7

So I talked to my mom yesterday and she said she read my blog and I sound “discouraged.” DISCOURAGED! These are discouraging times! I mean, has she read the news lately? IF YOU’RE NOT DISCOURAGED YOU’RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION! Or you’re kidding yourself.

I’m just kidding I’m not really that discouraged. But I can’t work because my shops are closed. I can’t file for unemployment because I’m an independent contractor, and Massachusetts doesn’t yet have the set-up to file. Although once they do, I’ll be able to backdate my benefits, supposedly. We haven’t gotten our stimulus check yet because they had an old bank account number (my fault), so now we have to wait for a paper check to arrive in the mail. So I guess we’ll be seeing that in November the week before the election or something.

I have sold a few things online, so I’m trying to post more items. Today I posted something and it sold within 10 minutes! That’s pretty unusual, though. It’s fun when something sells and I get a little message on my ‘phone. It feels like windfall although it isn’t. Not exactly making money hand over fist, but it’s paying for our horseback riding lessons anyway.

This morning, April 18th, we woke up to a winter wonderland! The chickens didn’t want to come out of their house. The Charm of Goldfinch didn’t seem to care. They flew around joyfully and tweeted quite a bit. (I’m not on Twitter so I don’t know what they had to say.) Tomorrow is supposed to be 60F.

This quarantine time would be easier if it was nice out and we could do more much-needed yard work. I was getting started on some raised beds, but it’s not appealing to garden when it’s 40F out. So why haven’t I started my indoor seeds yet? I don’t know. Probably because I never start indoor seeds.

I have maybe one thing scheduled to do every day. Sometimes there’s nothing. I only know what day it is by what’s on the radio, and sometimes that’s just “weekday” or “weekend.” Most of those scheduled things are online meetups. Yesterday I had a real life thing to do and almost missed it because I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT DAY IT WAS. The other night I had two things to do online! One of them was a live facebook radio show with my friend Michelle, who has a community radio show called MISHMASH. I’ve been meaning to get a radio show out here, but haven’t yet and now is not the time, apparently.

THINGS GOT CANCELLED. We don’t go to many rock shows now that we’re old and get sleepy early, but we had tickets to three shows coming up! Basically our entire year of live music plans has been foiled.

Slava’s never seen Einsturzende Neubauten, one of my fave bands. In related news, one of my cats is named Blixa.

(Note to self: I need to get that tattoo I’ve been planning since I was 14.) I’ve seen them a few times in Boston and traveled to Switzerland to see them play two shows in Lausanne for their 30th anniversary tour in 2011 (the US leg was cancelled). I had a friend living there, and she was a mensch and went with me even though they are not her fave. We saw them 2 nights in a row – the first was a standard show, the second was “an evening with Einsturzende Neubauten,” which was really intimate and awesome. And they shook everyone’s hands at the beginning of the show! I’LL NEVER WASH THIS HAND AGAIN NOT EVEN DUE TO CORONA VIRUS!* We had tix to see them in Boston this coming November, but WHOOPS APOCALYPSE.

We were supposed to go see Mdou Moctar in March but….

I was looking forward to selling again at Brimfield in May, but they cancelled. I’m signed up for July, but we shall see. Maybe see you there in September? shrug.

Damo Suzuki got cancelled in April, but we were supposed to be in France so maybe the new date (next April) will work better for us.

Oh and I think I mentioned, WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN FRANCE RIGHT NOW. Slava wanted to go for his birthday (which fell on Easter this year) to visit our friends on their vineyard, Lavernette, which is a little south of the medieval seat of administration, Mâcon in Burgundy, and about 45 minutes north of Lyon. They are great, their kids are great, their wine is organic and bio-dynamic and, more importantly, DELICIOUS. The surrounding area is beautiful. France, like Switzerland, was never on my list of places to go until my friend moved there, and now I’ve been to both multiple times (still don’t speak French tho). Both are fantastic destinations. Anyway, instead of going to visit them, we drank a few bottles of their bubbly at home. If you’re lucky enough to find it at your liquor store, GRANIT IS FANTASTIC.

*just kidding I wash my hands A LOT

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